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ReImagine your unfinished, dirty garage floor, into a clean, durable and easy to maintain surface. Diamond Grind Floors is the local expert when it comes to the preparation of concrete surfaces and the application of floor coatings. Understanding that all clients do not have the same needs or budget we offer multiple flooring options.

From our economical Grind & Seal option to our most popular 2day Polyaspartic Floor Coating System’s that are the strongest on the market with lifetime warranty’s we have an option to fit your needs and budget.

Diamond Grind Floors PolyAspartic floor coating system is superior to epoxy; used by many of our competitors. Polyaspartic floor coatings have better abrasion and chemical resistance than epoxy in addition they have a much longer lifespan that epoxy floors . With a rapid curing time our certified installers can ReImagine your garage floors in 48hours. If you want the strongest garage floor coating that is easy to maintain and extremely then our Polychip, PolyMetallic or Polywood  is your best solution.

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PolyAspartic Coatings

We understand not all floors are the same nor does every client have the same needs. Thats why we offer multiple coating options.

Rest assured regardless what PolyAspartic Coating you choose it is the most durable floor on the market. Resistant to hot tire pickup, heavy impact,, scratching, UV, chemicals, stains,  fuels, grease and a 10yr/Lifetime Warranty.


Our most popular garage floor amplifies your brand or creates a granite look with color flake that’s built to last and easy to clean. Protected under a UVresistant top coat, Diamond Grind’s Color Chip Systems camouflage day-to-day dust and debris, improve slip resistance,
and add vibrant or soft color to any room.

Protected by a clear coat of Polyaspartic, Diamond Grinds Color Chip Systems withstand most chemicals, food and
alcohol spills, and automotive grease and oil


Diamond Grind Floors Hardwood Overlay are show stoppers every time! These floors are industrial-Grade Concrete Overlay Hardwood technique that will never wear off. It’s thin so it won’t complicate door thresholds or create tripping hazards. It will follow the contours of your concrete. It can also go vertical. No more grout to clean! 

These floors are incredibly durable and mimic traditional Hardwood floors. 100% UV stable and can be installed both interior and exterior. Now you can put hardwood in your garage to park on, or Reimagine beautiful hardwood in your basement, showroom, deck, around a pool or in your home over a wood subfloor!

Hardwood Floor Overlays are an advanced technology using polyurethane cement and top coated with a clear Polyaspartic to give you strength, durability, chemical resistance and ease of cleaning.


Diamond Grind Floors Grind& Sealed Floor is an economical floor finish that can be used in both interior & exterior of home or business. You can choose your finish sheen from matte to high gloss, pick from water based or solvent based acrylic sealer with options to upgrade sealer depending on longevity and durability needs.

Customize the look by adding concrete stain from our extensive color pallet for a one of a kind decorative floor.

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