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If Polished Concrete is not in the budget or your floor requires benefits that Polished Concrete can not meet, a Burnished or Sealed Floor might be your solution.

 Regardless the appearance or if your concrete is indoors or outdoors leaving it exposed to weather and daily wear and tare is a bad idea.If you want a decorative concrete floor maybe dyed, colored, acid stained or grinded to smooth or expose aggregate you must apply some type of film forming sealer to protect the surface..  

Concrete is a very porous material and leaving and unless it is properly Polished, Sealed or have a coating applied it will eventually start to crack, spall, break and crumble beneath your feet. Often people think of concrete as indestructible which with some proper care and maintenance concrete will last a lifetime.

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Burnished Concrete

Burnished Concrete or sometimes referred to as “Hybrid” Polished Concrete is a great solution when Polished Concrete is out of the budget. Burnished concrete gives you the industry leading mechanical grinding and chemical treatment just the same as we do with Polished Concrete. The main difference being that once we get to the Polishing stage of the floor we will perform the polishing with a high speed floor burnisher and then apply a penetrating or film forming sealer. The standard floor includes an application of either a water or solvent based acrylic film forming sealer with the option of upgrading sealers depending on your specific floor needs. We offer Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyaspartic sealers for upgrade.

Any type of film forming sealers  require some maintenance to keep looking and performing great, due to a product being placed on the surface subject to daily wear and tare.

Grind & Seal Concrete

A Grind & Seal is just like it sounds. We mechanically grind the concrete thru a progression of typically 3 levels from 30grit → 60grit → 120grit this provides a smooth flat surface. We then apply a Sealer to protect the surface. There are several types of sealers on the market today and our standard Grind & Seal comes with an Industrial Acrylic Sealer which forms a thin protective coating on the surface of the concrete and are available in both solvent and water-based formulations. You have the option to upgrade your sealer to either a PolyAspartic or Polyurethane sealer both of those sealers form a high-build protective film on the concrete surface and is best on floors that will have high-traffic, wheel/tire traffic, pets with nails or anyone who want to perform little to no maintenance on there floor. PolyAspartic and Polyurethane Sealers are the strongest topical sealers on the market and provide great resistance to scuffs, scratches and staining. It also enhances the beauty of either colors, stamped, or exposed-aggregate and concrete countertops.

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