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Polished Concrete is fast becoming the number one choice when looking at flooring options. As well as being used widely in the commercial industry by many big name department stores, it is fast gaining a reputation in the residential industry for being the environmentally sensible solution.  Its practicality coupled with the modern stylish look, along with easy maintenance and durability, has seen its popularity soar in recent years.

Radically transform a broad range of new and old concrete floors in your home, basement, garage, ADU, office, warehouse, retail and more. By mechanically refining the already hard concrete surface through grinding, polishing and chemical treatments, polished concrete can bring virtually any surface to a whole new level of beauty, functionality, strength and abrasion resistance of concrete floors. Very easy to maintain and the lowest maintenance cost of any floor in the industry.

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ReImagine Concrete Polished Concrete

Diamond Grind Floors proudly uses the  Industry leading technology, Husqvarna’s HIPERFLOOR™ Polished Concrete System. HIPERFLOOR™ Polished Concrete is not a floor coating but a process for mechanically grinding, chemically treating and polishing concrete floors.

HIPERFLOOR™ is the smart choice to reduce environmental impact. Transforming existing concrete substrate into a wear resistant floor. The process incorporates the use of products that cause very little environmental stress or waste over any other floor system on the market today.

Regardless if your looking for a Showroom High Sheen or the latest trend of Matte finish we have a floor Polished Concrete floor option for you.

Beware Of Imitation Or "Hybrid" Polished Concrete

With the popularity and fast growth of Polished Concrete combined with the lack of consumer knowledge the industry is in a somewhat volatile state leaving the consumers confused as to what is and what isn’t polished concrete and what performance aspects to expect.

Most Decorative Finish Flooring Companies offer three different types of floors that are very similar in appearance to the untrained eye however they perform quite differently. Continue reading to learn the differences and ensure you get the floor you paid for.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is NOT a coating, but a method for mechanically grinding and chemically treating then polishing to refine and polish the actual surface of the concrete. Think of it like putting a rock in a tumbler and polishing the rock.

Through an innovative combination of mechanical grinding and chemically treating with specifically engineered diamond technology, Polished Concrete process moves through a succession of a minimum of 6 steps. 

These steps are made up of diamond grinding, using progressively finer grit sizes, an effective and exclusive concrete pore filling method with a specialized grout and then applying an application of a chemical premium liquid densifier that increases the surface hardness of the concrete resulting in stronger properties then new concrete.

Next the floor is transitioned into polishing with progressively finer grits until the level of sheen requested is obtained. A minimum polishing level of 400grit must be obtained to be considered Polished Concrete.

"Hybrid" Or "Burnished" Or "Honed" Polished Concrete

These are great floors but NOT Polished Concrete. These floors will typically follow the Polished Concrete process mechanically grinding and some might include grouting and densifying the floor. 

The floor will then have a penetrating or surface film forming sealer which will create the sheen from matte to high shine. It is critical to understand that this is not a lifetime floor and requires more maintenance due to a product being placed on the surface subject to daily wear and tare.

Grind & Seal Concrete

Depending on client needs this can be a great economical option. These floors will be mechanically grind the a progression of typical three levels from 30grit → 60grit → 120grit. Following the grinding the surface will have a topical sealer applied to produce the sheen level from matte to high shine. The surface will not be chemically densified or grouted.

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